Mobile Tactical High-Energy Laser (MTHEL)

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this is apparently being used for more than just ordinance disposal.
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  • A lot of countries gave up on lassers as weapons once it was shown how easily they can be deflected. Potentially they could heat older rockets up, but even a slight modification could render an expensive project like that useless.

    I suppose you could use them to fry soldiers at close range, but its not really all that practical at this state of development.
  • the US is quietly investing heavily in laser weapons technology, it makes sense that Israel do the same. The future laser weaponry is sick I tell you sick sick sick.

    • They can be devastating, yet they are easier to deflect than bullets.
      We should be looking into cheap ways to protect crowds from laser weapons.
      • Sentience: "We should be looking into cheap ways to protect crowds from laser weapons."

        A suit covered with minature diffusing spheres ought to do it. Could be a new fashion trend :)

        But then again, the bastards still have sound and microwave weapons; earplugs and an antiparticle suit might provide some cover.

        I'll bring beer and popcorn as usual. Oh yes, and a camera.
        • Wouldnt something as simple as an aluminum reflective shield do the trick?
          • A Mirror can be used to deflect a laser Beam
            In my home light show here,I use a genuine Sound-Actuated Red Semiconductor Laser and if it is pointed at a Mirror,it does in fact "bounce off" the Mirror and into another Mirror.
            Now of COURSE a Military grade Weapons Laser would be much larger and more Point-Focused and a LOT stronger than what I have here,But a Mirror "might be" Possible Protection.
            • Use a polished aliminum mirror and deflect both micro-wave and light-wave and have it light weight at the same time.

              Yea whatever, that new fandangled Laser weapon thingy did alot of help against the lebanon rockets, NOT.

              Besides just make the artilery rounds reflective.

              Geeze if humanity would just focusing on sollutions to hunger and getting along we'd all be much better off. But alas, that doesn't help the ego-centric, power hungry types that actually LOVE watching people suffer under their extended thumbs. What we need to do is reduce the nubers of these types of humans. Motherly Love? Jobs and praise for all children?
            • "Now of COURSE a Military grade Weapons Laser would be much larger and more Point-Focused and a LOT stronger than what I have here,But a Mirror "might be" Possible Protection."

              So we use highly polished, silver plated concaved aluminum shields. I can make those (give it back to them at about 30-50% more focused intensity). I have access to a metal fabrication shop and I understand the principals of electroplating.
              • Why concaved? That won't buy you anything, it's not as if the laser needs to be refocused at any resonable range. And even the most polished shield isn't going to reflect enough energy to keep from getting damn hot.
                • If they get it back for even a few seconds then that should be enough to fuck something up, especially tires, gas cans, ordinance, and personnel. I also never said it would have to be something directly hand held. No matter, we should be thinking about ways to fight back against the things that will eventually be used against us.
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                    Its not unreasonable to think our government would declare war on everybody who isnt on board with the 4th reich. Draft dodgers, anti-war activists, bloggers, environmentalists...we could all be targeted if so much as an act of terrorism is allowed to take place and a police state is declared.

                    When the shit goes down, we better be ready.

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                    the amount of energy this things emits combined with its totally unpredictable and precise aiming system makes it entirely impractical to think one can make a "suit" to protect yourself against laser radiation. as the video shows, targeting this laser at civilians or enemy combatants reduces the human body to just beyond a meter in length, burning everything into unrecognizable charred pulp in just a split second. it generates such heat it fuses metal with nonmetallic particles. any hope of deflecting this kind of energy beam back to its source would require a similarly intelligent aiming system along with parabolic mirror assemblies, and thats assuming youve gotten the beam pointed at you in the first place. not practical.

                    i suppose if you were covered head to toe with aluminum diffusor material it is possible to deflect against the long-range microwave weapon, and potentially also the LRAD (currently deployed with NY police). but there are no guarantees, and these are just the weapons that we know about *now* that have been thus declassified. the long list of weapons in development that we have *not* yet heard about, that are likely to be tested in the fields of Iraq first no "enemy combatants" and innocent civilians, is more than any sci-fi movie has ever dreamed up.

                    and once a new conflict starts in the middle east, causing a "national emergency" back home, armed with his amended MCA and other new "legislation", GWB will begin turning these weapons of horror on American civilians at home.

                    we already know that wrapping RFIDs in aluminum foil makes them unreadable by the scanners. All the new $20 bills have a small RFID located at Jackson's right eye, and if microwaved it will explode. way back in 98 it was revealed that active RFIDs could be implanted that would draw 4 milliamperes of power from the host's physioelectrical makeup, and send a signal strong enough to be picked up via satellite, sort of a human LoJack. since 98 no more reporting of this technology has been done and any further stories have been supressed. that was damn near ten years ago.

                    additionally it has been discovered that a technology has existed now more than ten years that can implant audio, words, into someone's head by a directional LRAD beam, so that the voices in someone's head might very well not be a dissociative disorder but instead a direct attempt at mind control. it is believed that certain locations have been used as test sites for this technology on the civilian population, and thousands of similar reports and case studies have been collected and large support groups created for those suffering this guinea-pig syndrome. those within these groups who have lined their headwear with aluminum foil have reported fewer instances of audio interference in their own thoughts.

                    and they called us crazy when we first started wearing tin foil hats.

                    who's crazy now?
                    • I believe that the "Active-Denial" system can be reflected with nothing more than special shield.

                      I wasnt talking about the beams that cut people in half, though there are high tech reflectors produced by Russia that make their munitions immune to these lasers.
                      • Without an on board nuclear reactor, I don't see how anyone could power a laser like the in ground missile defense ones. The portable antipersonnel version will be a lot weaker and a lot smaller.
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                          <The portable antipersonnel version will be a lot weaker and a lot smaller. >

                          Why would you make portalable versions? Simply place them on satellites and zap the enemy and any pollitical rivals at will. The person who controls this technology will rule the world. This is a prophecy regarding the antichrist:

                          Rev 13:13 And he doeth great wonders, so that he maketh fire come down from heaven on the earth in the sight of men,

                          It seems to me that combining laser technology with spy sattellites you could kill anyone any where at any time. The government that controls this technology will go unchallenged. Anyone who did would be found as burnt cinder in their own beds. Combine this with the RFID technology and enough computing power, and one person could control the actions of every man women and child on the earth.

                          • well apparently someone has figure the power requirements out, because these things are currently out in the field, attached to special hummers called Zeus.

                            the ground-based longer-range ones fit together quickly and somewhat easily with equipment custom-fitted into four railway containers. the video clearly shows one in the field easily taking out two missiles at a time.

                            the video also clearly shows the human remnants, fused metal, and doctors testimonies after having treated victims of an MTHEL attack.

                            purely horrifying.
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      ***********The future laser weaponry is sick I tell you sick sick sick.**********


      Seriously why??

      Bullets kill gas kills nuclear kills Almost all weapons of war are built to kill.

      Maybe it's not the weapons but the wars that are sick.

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    Ya gotta love the IDF. They are the SHIZZZZZ

    That is such a way far cool defensive weapon.

    However, I know how how to defeat it.
    • I dont think the government has the ability to hit us with lasers from satalite (yet).

      If it ever did go that far, and they began to use it, I would HOPE that Russia or China would nuke us off the face of the planet before we dominate the entire world with that kind of technology.

      • >>I dont think the government has the ability to hit us with lasers from satalite (yet).

        you'll only know when they fuck up and get caught.

        until then they dont want anyone to think they are capable of many of the things they are capable of.

        trust me. if they can do this from the ground, this easily and portable, they've had it operational many other ways beforehand.
        • It seems that the distance between space and the earth is too great to maintain a focused laser. i could be wrong, but I think at this point its more effective to fire it from the ground.

          In a riot situation, we are much more likely to encounter the Active Denial system before it escalates to the point of them using the attack lasers on us. In fact, they are more likely to use live ammunition that kill lasers at first, though I imagine some people could be killed by the active denial system. Many more will be blinded and suffer serious injuries.

          In situation of civil unrest, both sides are likely to up the anti slowly over time, until the resistance is either too afraid to make a public spectacle, or until it escalates to the point of full blown civil war.

          Most likely the government is likely to move slowly in stages, and arrest only the most vocal, preferably for unrelated crimes and set ups, to avoid things escalating beyond their control. However, some catalyzing event like a military draft could start a series of riots, at which point all bets are off and things would begin to move very quickly.

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